type2.com archives searchable again

After a bit of down time, I’ve finally gotten around to fixing the email archive search engine for type2.com. Additionally, the search engine is now indexing the technical articles as well. In total, there is roughly 180k pieces of content you can search against, going back to emails in 1994. All of it regarding technical aircooled discussions.

Enjoy, and please pass along. There is a lot of great knowledge that has been shared here over the past decades.



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The Vanagon sports a proper exhaust

“Meh, this will only take a couple hours. I’ll bust it out Saturday morning.”

I should know better by now. My wife does :-D In any case, a recent post exposed our dilemma, where the Vanagon’s exhaust wasn’t exactly, well…. exhausting. The original thought was to get something welded up that would fit the extractor pipes. After calling a few shops, it seemed I was going to have to drop a minimum of $300 bucks for a muffler, and to get it welded in. Not quite was I was wanting to do. (more…)

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