It’s Friday…will the bus see some action this weekend?

We’ll see. It’s actually had alot of attention over the past few weeks. Alot of that being from installing the heater (which wouldn’t turn on last night….will have to investigate.) I have a package I got from Chris over at Busted Bus that has quite a few odds and ends that will make the bus a bit more functional. Basic stuff like a working wiper motor, wiper arms, a horn button, and other small but seemingly necessary items to have :) Hopefully we’ll be able to get some of it put in over the next few days. A big item I’ll be happy to get to is the sliding door hinges. Mine have been messed up ever since I owned the bus and I’m looking forward to fixing it up. Weather is good at the moment but there are reports of snow heading our way. I’m going to be working on a page that will have a list of all the projects or repair items that we need to do to the bus. The list is pretty descent, so I’m hoping this will help me keep track.

Also coming, some more scans of VW literature. I have a few more manuals and also want to get to Kinko’s or somwhere where I can scan these large print VW ad’s from old Time magazines. I’ll also be taking a few more high res shots of the parts that I am going to try and install this weekend also.

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