Rocky Mountain VW bus campout in the making

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A few of us in the Denver area have thought about creating a campout in the area and are looking for some thoughts. Below are some starter ideas. Heading too much further into the mountains during May could get a bit chilly. Comment and let us know if you’d be interested. We are guessing 5 – 10 to start with? Maybe more? In any case, this is the very early stages and any thoughts or ideas are very welcomed.

–May | Weekend of the 11th or 18th

Names so far
–Buses by the Mountains
–Buses by the Park

Possible locations
–Estes Park
–Gross Resevoir
–Other area you can think of?

12 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain VW bus campout in the making

  1. I\’m in. A great destination could be Brainard Lake above Ward just off the Peak to Peak highway. It is nicely central to Estes Park, close to Nederland (supplies) and easy to find. Most of the campsites are sheltered and swimming is allowed last time I checked. Also pets are welcome, but there are some leash laws in the campground area. Lots of hiking and exploring since it borders the Indian Peaks Wilderness area. One of our favorite haunts in Winter and Summer.

  2. I”m not familiar with Brainard Lake above Ward just off the Peak to Peak highway. I’ll have to pull out the Colorado back road road map and find the place.

  3. Augh! That is my wife’s birthday! No way is she camping on her birthday weekend. Please make it the 11th. She is a good sport, but likes to be pampered on her birthday… Sleeping in the camper is not her idea of being pampered.

  4. Dudes, thanks for the offers of campin\’ gear. At the worst, we\’ll take a car and tent it. HOWEVER, word on the streets is..I *might* have a working camper by then. Don\’t hold your breath. Debbie\’s Bday is on May 7 so we\’ll try to celebrate her Bday (going to Jackson Hole) the weekend before May 11, BUT if you decide on May 18, we\’ll do JH May 11. Sounds like May 11 is best, so Stiles can go. I want to have a s\’mores eating contest with him. By the way, I think there\’s no campfires at Brainard??

  5. I\\\’m flying in from Knoxville, TN. I\\\’ll be picking up a \\\’71 squareback that Troy did all the legwork on for me (THANKS, TROY!) and will be driving it back home after the campout. I can\\\’t wait!

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