Fixing up the sliding door hardware on a VW bus

Previously, I had picked up another slider unit for our sliding door. There were two problems with my existing one. The bearings for the roller (211843359B) were completely gone and the plastic guide piece (211843368) that sits to the rear of it was broken in a way that it could no longer follow the channel on the body of the bus. You can see the broke stuff here. This caused the rear section of the unit to pop out and grind against the metal cover. It’s important to note that with this piece damaged, its possible for the slider to come off the body of the bus completely. This would be less than ideal as the door isn’t exactly light and can be awkward to work with with out planning.
The Bentley covers this pretty well but there were a couple things I learned the could have saved me some time. First off, the metal roller is attached to the body of the slider with a circlip. I looked at this bit for a while and for whatever reason couldn’t figure this out until after I found yet another slider with a working roller. The other one is how to replace the plastic guide piece. This unit is riveted to the slider body and I didn’t have the correct tools to replace the rivet (and don’t know the size–please comment if you do.) For now, I have used a nut/bolt setup to replace the rivet. The bolt goes through the body of the slider first and then the plastic unit. The nut then sits inside the plastic guide piece. Although not completely flush like the stock rivet, it does not cause any clearance issues. Add a couple drops of oil to the roller and springs before putting the slider back on the body.
As far as working on the door, I left the forward rollers attached to the body. I removed the cover that shields the whole sliding mechanism. About half way back, there is a notch where the plastic guide piece can pop out. Since mine was broke, the slider popped right of the track anywhere. Then I propped up the bottom rear section of the door with a couple boxes to keep it level while I worked on it. Easier than removing all the other parts that you may not have to work on.
The complete unit in its correct state can be seen here.

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