Installed the CB radio…finally

I bought a CB radio nearly a year ago for our vw bus and only today got around to installing it. I went with the Cobra 75 WX ST. I went with this model because all the adjustments and speaker are located in the mic itself, so it takes up less room. The mic and antenna connect via a box that can be installed out of site under the dash or wherever. The nice thing about this is I can install another box (not sure what the correct term is) in the double cab and just move the mic between vehicles when needed. The “box” is quite small, about 4x1x1 inches and has a power and negative wire going to it to supply juice. One on side of it, the antenna connects to it and on the other, the mic. So far I am happy with it. The sound doesn’t seem to compromised by the fact that the speaker is stashed in the small confines of the mic, although the mic is a little larger than normal.
I had contemplated using a permanently mounted 4′ antenna mounted to either the front or rear bumper, but already had a smaller magnetic 2′ whip antenna so I am using that for now. I think I’ll stick with it in case I need to remove it for whatever reason.

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