A leak haunt’s Buster

It rained today while I was sleeping. No big deal. But, as I headed out the driveway, I heard this sloshing sound. I swear it sounded like someone was shaking a 5 gallon bucket of water while sitting in the passenger seat! Looking around, I realized it was coming from the floor, just in front of my feet. There is a cavity up there that runs the full width of bay window vw buses, and mine was sporting about 5 inches of water in it.
What the heck!? That’s a bit of water, so I need to figure out where it came from. I am suspecting the windshield seal since it’s pretty crusty. We’ll see what happens.

2 thoughts on “A leak haunt’s Buster

  1. Ok, I’ve confirmed my issue is indeed around the seal of of the windshield. After reading a bit, I am hesitant to just take the glass out and replace the seal. I know there is rust under the seal as it can be seen peaking out of the rubber. ratwell.com suggests not messing with it at all until your ready to repair that metal first, and to use some type of caulking to help get you by as a short term fix. This is the route that I am going to go for now. We’ll see what happens.

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