New goodies in route from Bus Depot

Finally got an order in the Bus Depot to help get a few items resolved on Buster.

Part# Description
113 425 117 Steering Damper Bushing
This is for the install of the steering damper listed below.

211 845 121D VW Windshield Seal
You may remember this post about the huge pond of water I ended up with in the front of the bus. This is to get that fixed.

211 845 521C VW Rear Hatch Window Seal
This seal is also shot and leaks just slightly on the passenger side.

BD102 Cup Holder / Console
We’ve been using a fairly large center console that makes it hard to walk to the back and tend to the kids etc. After seeing this cup holder on a few other buses, we are going to try it out in combination with the parcel tray that goes under the dash. This should open up the walk through area for us.

211 425 021A Steering Damper
This will be nice! The damper has been shot on Buster since before I owned him (roughly 10 years now.)

211 898 209B Front Door Handle Seal Set
We picked up a couple of these for radom on this order and it reminded me that we needed them also.

111 905 449A Seal, Spark Plug Wire or Foot Pedals
Need these to help seal up the holes in the floor for the clutch, brake, and gas pedal. Trying to get the bus sealed up nice for winter.

82001 Complete Front Door Seal Kit
This also follows the “sealing the bus up” dilemma. The door seal on the driver side is just shot and the passenger one is the wrong one so it’s very hard to close the door all the way. Will be nice to have this fixed up.

I am hoping to get all this done before our Turkey Day camp out in Moab. We’ll see how it goes.

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