Dodge Sprinter | A modern-day vw bus?

We think so, after about a month of owning a Dodge Sprinter. Essentially, the only thing Dodge on this vehicle is the emblems. The rest is Mercedes Benz. After we recently found that we would be expecting our fourth child, we knew the Dodge Durango wouldn’t really cut it anymore. The wife needed something where she could easily get to all the kids without getting out of the car, and still have room for strollers, groceries, etc. Well, that sounds like a VW bus to me. It does to her to. But in the essence of reliability, ease of use, and safety, we needed something else.
We went with the 3.0 diesel version with the passenger layout. We took the third row out which leaves plenty of room for storage etc while still able to seat 7. There is almost enough room for me to stand up (6’4) even. We’ll be adding some features here and there as we get time. We are averaging about 19-20mpg in town with high 20’s on the freeway.

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