wiper blades, stick with the old school for your vw bus

A few months ago, when I finally installed a working wiper system on Buster, I went with a new design from RainX called the Latitude. They did “ok” for about a month but after that it really started to go down hill. Fresh out of the package, they are quite contoured and seemed to fit the curvature of the windshield well, but they couldn’t hang. The most obvious adjustment in their new design is the lack of an external skeleton frame to help press the blade to the glass (see pictures on the RainX site.) After riding with the RainX Latitudes for awhile, they lost that curvature they started with and only about 5 inches of glass in the middle was being wiped. Windshields with less curvature fair better I’m sure. Stick with the old school design and enjoy the view.

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