Problems starting the vw bus this evening

Went to head to work this evening and the bus wouldn’t crank over. I’ve been battling a bad wiring ground that has been causing my battery to drain. However, that did not seem to be the issue this time around. Hooking up the battery jumper pack and also swapping out the battery with one I knew was charged up did not help. I began thinking back to the summer days when I would have this same issue because of the hot-start scenario. Even though it was 35 degrees out, I slid under the bus and gave the start and solenoid a quick tap with the hammer. Turned the key over, and it started right up. Not sure whats up with that. I’m going to try and take a better look this weekend and make sure all the wiring is nicely applied. I need to check the groundings under there as well.

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  1. My first time on this vw site—are you sure you have a poor grounding problem causing your drained battery??–Do you currently have an auxillary battery connected when you have the starting problems? If the aux. battery is connected to power your various accessories and same battery has a dead cell or two–then your alternator cannot keep both batteries charged properly and the aux. battery can completely drain your primary starting battery. I learned this the hard way on a 700 mile trip. Eliminate the dead cell battery in the circuit by simply removing the aux battery positive and negative cables–wrap both cables with good quality electrical tape. When you install a new or good aux battery-reinstall the cables while using all safety procedures. Your hard-start situation can be eliminated by installing a Bosch hard start relay kit. Hope this information helps you–keep that bus alive–as I am doing my 77 westy.[

  2. Unfortunately, Buster (the bus in question here) has been sitting in our garage for the past few months because of yet another wiring issue. However, since this posting, I’ve replaced the starter with a Bosch rebuild and things seemed much better, for a few weeks anyhow. In the end, the issue is still occurring but less often. There is no aux battery in this bus, but there is plenty of rust all over the place, and one thing I have not done is thoroughly check all the wiring between the battery and the starter. This is what made me think that it might be a grounding issue. I hope to find time to fix this up, and the engine is near new and the bus is a blast to drive. I even have the hard-start kit in the garage. It’s finding the time to get it installed. Your comment on the post has brought it off the back burner. We’ll see what happens :) Thanks for the help. Hope your 77 is going well. Peace, Troy

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