Went and looked at a VW Westy yesterday

It was an orange ’74 that had the interior gutted, no engine or tranny, and had been rear ended by a Mazda RX7.  He was asking $500, but said he would take $400.  It seemed like a good candidate because the interior was out already.  As noted before, we need to be able to seat our four kids in the back.  This most likely mean that any stock Westy we come across will end up having some part of its interior taken out to make room for more seating.  The interior on this one was very clean and it still had the poptop, canvas, and mattress for the upstairs sleeping.  All of which seemed in good order.  In the end though, we discovered more body work than just the rear quarter panels and engine hatch (from being rear ended.)  The sill along the under side of the sliding door, all the way past the rear passenger side jackpoint, was shot and would have to be cut out and replaced.  Plus there was the typical cross beam that was smashed from being incorrectly used as a spot to jack up the vehicle.  We ended up passing on it.  The body work was just going to take more time and effort then we wanted to invest.

Still on the hunt…..

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