A new VW in the family

After selling the Dodge Sprinter, we needed to get another vehicle. After quite a few weeks of debating on whether we should pick up a Eurovan or a Vanagon as my wife’s new daily driver, we went with a 2003 Eurovan GLS. Safety and reliability were some of the key factors we were keeping in mind. Although I can’t work on most of the Eurovan stuff like I can with the aircooled engines, the ease of use and reliability are higher. Also on the plus side are the fact that the rear layout will easily accomodate the 5 of us, and the little one that’s due in June. 6218It easy to get in and out of the back as well since the floor is lower to the ground. It’s not without it’s issues though. Earlier models of the Eurovan have had issues and many believe that there is a lack in power. Reported issues in the later model Eurovans don’t appear to be quite as drastic. We’ll see how it goes.
The trip to pick up the Eurovan went quite smooth. The one we found was in nearby Utah. After talking on the phone a bit and seeing plenty of pictures, we decided that I would fly out and see if everything looked good in person. The next morning I hoped a flight on the smallest plane I have ridden yet. It seated about 40 people and at 6’4, there was no way I was standing straight up in it.
6247 The flight was just long enough for me to get in an episode of Discovery Channels “Modern Marvels” in on the iPhone. After an hour of watching how the the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Bridge was being restructured, we were preparing to land. The landing was quite smooth, but the approach seemed all over the place. I think the size of the plane helped to exaggerate the adjustment of the plane. It was a little nerve wracking. Since I had no backage (a beautiful way to fly by the way) I was out to the baggage claim in no time, where I was met by the seller for a ride back to the Eurovan. I think that short ride may have been more dangerous than the flight itself, but we got there.
A quick inspection and closing of the deal and I was headed home. The rest is history. I got home around midnight and the Eurovan cruised at 80mpg via cruise without a single hiccup. Because I messed up and didn’t fill my tank up all the way on one of the fillup stops, I don’t have any accurate mileage results yet. If I get 20 mpg I’ll be happy. I’ll know tomorrow.
After riding around town today, the wife and I are both quite happy with it. Loading everyone up is very easy and there is plenty of room in the back. We took on the passenger side middle-row seat to help with this. One the new baby is here, there will be three kids on the back row.
We’ll see what time brings, but things are looking good. Thanks to everyone that provided their feedback about both the Vanagon and the Eurovan, it was a huge help. Now we just need to find a descent pop-top westy so all 6 of us can camp :)
More Eurovan pics here
Peace, Troy

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