Our quest to reach Vandejo

Well, we are commited enough at this point that there is no point in me keeping it on the down-low any more.  On Monday, I fly out to Portland to pick up Vandejo, a 1974 VW Deluxe Westy.  It’s an automatic with an engine from a ’78. It is fairly well known around a couple of the vw forums, so you may have ran across it in the recent past. With our fourth little one on the way, we knew that camping in Buster just wasn’t going to work anymore.  We needed a pop-top westy so we could sleep some of the kids up top.  Initially we just wanted a straight body to start with.  Then we could use the engine and interior from Buster (Buster is due to be stripped down for a restoration.)  Well, asking for a straight body was apparently too much to ask.  Either the sellers described the bus as “in perfect condition,” even though there was potatoe sized holes in the floor, or they wanted so much for just the shell, that we could buy a running bus to start with.

Well, we continued to look for a few weeks before we ran across an ad on thesamba.com for a Westy in the Oregon area. Insert……..Vandejo!

I won’t go into alot of detail just yet, but the current owner is very nice and commited to getting the bus into a new home where it will be taken care of well.  Finding a good bus can be hard enough, but finding a seller that truly knows the details of the bus, and is easy to contact, can be nearly impossible.  We are very fortunate to have found both.  I’ll leave it at that for now.  I plan on taking I84 out of Portland, down to I80 for my quick getaway back to Denver.  Please comment here if you have any thoughts on a different route.  More pictures are located HERE.

5 thoughts on “Our quest to reach Vandejo

  1. I noticed that the front bumper was mounted upsidedown. The 4 holes are there for drainage, flip it over if you want to avoid water sitting on the inside of the bumper and rust.

  2. Congrats on the purchase of Vandejo. I along with other members on itinerant-air-cooled.com have had the privilege of getting to know the former owner and are glad that this bus has gone to a loving VW home. Enjoy and feel free to pop in on the Forum above and say hi. We all like meeting other VW owners and everyone there are a great bunch.

    Goodluck and again enjoy

    Geno McMahon

  3. I can vouch for that fine VW, having worked on it briefly with the prior owner. Enjoy. . . and visit us over at the IAC forum.
    (the spacing of the holes along the front bumper are not factory drainage holes, I think the foglight hypothesis is the correct one)

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