Gas heater timer for the Eberspacher (aka espar or eberspaecher) BN4

Part#  181 963 107

Picked this up about a month ago from a VW bus being parted out on The Samba.  It is mechanically sound and will wind up and tick down, but it’s a bit stiff.  I need to open it up and clean it.

These are commonly used with the Eberspacher BN4 and BA6 heater’s that were optional on many of the VW models.  The timer simply allows you to set the heater to run for a certain amount of time.  The amount of heat put out by the heater is still controlled by the thermostat.  For the VW bus, the timer was placed on the dash in one of the accessory cutouts, such as where the rear defrost, hazard light, and headlight knobs went.  If you don’t have on open spot to put the knob, there is a good chance there is an available one.  Just take a peak under the dash at the backside of the other knobs and you’ll see where you can cut out another opening that has been pre-fabricated into the metal.



6 thoughts on “Gas heater timer for the Eberspacher (aka espar or eberspaecher) BN4

  1. my timer ticks, but doesn’t turn off the heater. I checked the wiring twice, and it all seems to be wired correctly. Has anyone run into this problem?

  2. @dave
    Sounds like something is not making proper contact (or possibly breaking existing contact) once the timer stops. I’ve not tested or installed mine yet, and I’ve never taken one apart. But I would like to have this working soon as winter in The Rockies is setting in and I need some form of heat :) I’ll report back with any findings.

  3. You guys know of any other way to heat up a bus that doesnt involve the exhaust set up…..? the whole heat system has been removed by the PO and its getting cold up here in BC…

    1. The timer we are talking about in this post controls an auxiliary heater, which is seperate from the engine. Common ones in VW buses are Eberspahcers BA6 and BN4. Eberspacher is now known as Espar, which makes a few modern units that are quite nice as well. Another manufacturer to look for is Southwinds.

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