VW bus tire | Nankang 195R14C

When I went to pick up Vandejo, I realized that I would have to buy new tires before I left town.  The tires that she was wearing were standard passenger tires and were also an incorrect size.  To maintain safety, and preserve the work that the previous owner had put into the bus, I opted to have new tires fitted before I left town.

In the past, I have ridden mostly Vredestein and Nokian tires.  While these can be a little pricier, they are worth their money.  They put alot of research into their tires and the quality shows.  You can read more at ratwells tire page.  However, because I was leaving the next day, I was not able to hang around for either of those brand of tires to be delivered.  The only tire I was able to go with that had the proper size and load rating was tire out Taiwan called Nankang.   I was not able to find much info on these in regards to vw bus applications, but went with them anyways since they were a better solution than the current tires.

I ran into a bit of weather with these on the way home and can say for sure that these do NOT do well in the snow.  If you look at the picture of the tread (see photo album,) you’ll notice there is nowhere for the snow to escape out to the exterior of the tire.  It gets ‘stuck’ in the tread with nowhere to go, causing the tire to rise up on top of the snow easier.  Of course, these are not rated for snow either.  Overall though, they did well on the way home and I would consider this a descent entry-level tire for the vw bus.  These also were the cheapest of all the options, at roughly $75 per tire.

Manufacturer:     Nankang
Load Range:           D
Max Load:                2095lb @ 65psi cold

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