How does a VW bus demand your immediate attention?

By squirting fuel in your face while you are working on a running engine.  Yea, it happened.

Yesterday I went to try and hunt down the vacuum leak that has been causing Vandejo to idle rough.  I started her up and proceeded to the rear to see what I could find.  When I got back there, a steady stream of fuel was squirting from the supply line of the cold start valve.  In a matter of seconds, a large pool of fuel began building on top of the driver side tin.   Fearing the worst was about to happen, I immediately yank the vacuum lines off the s-boot and kill the engine.

I head inside and make a cup of Tension Tamer decaf tea and settle down on the couch to let my nerves calm a bit.  I was glad that I was able to react in a quick manner, but it brought up even more questions.  How long had this been happening?  Was it the cause of my crappy mileage during the trip back home from Portland?  I was very adamant about checking the engine bay on every fuel stop during the trip back home.  My hopes being that I may suddenly see where the vacuum leak was.  But I never saw anything issues regarding fuel leaks.  To be honest, replacing the fuel lines was already on my list.  I did not need this kind of motivation.  Yesterday I picked up 10′ (wanted some extra) of the good Mercedes Benz 7mm fuel line, host clamps for said fuel line, and a couple other vacuum lines.  I’m going to be removing the engine today or tomorrow and replacing all that, hopefully in time to still go camping with Dan Radom and company this weekend.

On a side note, it made me realize that things sometimes just happen for a reason.  Our original plan was for the whole family to fly out so we could do a road trip back.  If that would have happened, we would have been on the road quite a bit longer…possibly allowing this to happen while out of town, and with my whole family in the bus.  Although I missed them on my trip back home, I’m glad that we didn’t have to experience anything like that.

This gets said quite often, but it can never be said enough.  CHECK YOUR FUEL LINES!!

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