Vandejo project – Replacing the fuel lines (cont.)

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Made a little progress today.  Picked up new gaskets to go between the intake runners and the air intake distributor (see pic.)  Also picked up a new throttle body gasket since the one on there now is hard as a rock.  Will be much easier to replace with the engine out.

I worked on the driver side fuel line and injectors.  The injector seals were in horrible shape and I’m not sure how there could not have been a vacuum leak there. I removed the injectors and carefully cut away the existing fuel line and the metal crimp holding the fuel line to the injector side.  Once you cut the old line away, the metal crimp will simply loosen and fall off.  With that out of the way, there is room to place a fuel injection hose clamp (see pic.)  I put new fuel line and clamps on, and also new seals.  Note that there are two seals per injector.  A larger one that sits under the bracket that holds the injector in place, and another smaller one that goes between the injector and the intake runner.  In my case, the larger ones were ok (I’ll keep them as spares) but the smaller ones were absolutely shot.  You can see how bad it was in this shot.

So tonight, I leave to project with the driver side injectors having new seals, fuel line, and fuel clamps.  Also, the intake manifold sleeves (between the intake runners and the air intake distributor) were put on and the new gasket to go between the intake runners and the head are in place.

New photos from today have been uploaded in the album for this project.  (Filenames starting with 080418….)