Replacing the fuel line on your fuel injectors, so you don’t have to buy new ones

In new form, the Bosch fuel injectors for the VW bus come with fuel line already attached and at the proper length. But, the past couple years has brought a huge spike in the cost of injectors (cold start valve included.) Three years ago you could get an injector for about $60. Now they are about $150. With the recent work I have been doing to replace the fuel lines on Vandejo, I have replaced the fuel lines on the injectors. The injectors were working fine and I saw no need to replace them.

Insert the following image, which shows how I cut away the old fuel line. Once you cut the old line away, the metal ring holding the line in place will become loose and can be slipped off. You don’t need to cut the metal ring. With that metal ring gone, there is enough room to use a fuel injection hose clamp.

With the old stuff out of the way, you can slip on your new 8mm Mercedes Benz fuel injection line (this is what your using right??) and clamp it down. Below is an image of the finished products.

***Update 2013Jan – Several vendors have the injectors listed from $35 to $70 depending on new or rebuilt.

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