Under-Dash Parcel Tray for the VW bus

Bus Depot (part# 78990) imports these from Just Kampers (part# J12411.)  The install was a bit of a pain but not bad.  The middle post that holds the two trays up under the emergency brake, uses the same screws that the emergency brake bracket does.  I found it a pain to get these two screws back up into the dash with the added thickness given by the post for the tray.  The tray is also a bit flimsier than I expected, but it is still extremely useful and a joy to have. There is no need for a center console now.  The drink holders on the tray are a bit shallow and anything other than a 12oz can will be a bit unstable.  I recommend getting the cup holder console from Bus Depot that replaces your ash tray and holds drinks very well.  I’ll have pics of the unit installed shortly.

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