A functioning bus, and no key to turn it on

Well, I finally got around to cleaning up the garage the other day, and lost the keys to Vandejo in the process. I searched through what I think is every imaginable part of the garage with no luck, and they aren’t in any of the other vehicles.

After recruiting some help to get it pushed back in the garage, I called around to some locksmiths to see what it would run for them to come out and form a key. Survey says….. $200! Ok, now that seems a bit steep but after calling multiple places, it appears to be the standard. I would maybe pay $100, but over that just seams out of line.
So, I took the steering column off the dash and pulled it back to have a look at the lock cylinder. I wasn’t able to find a code on it that I could give to a locksmith though. Further information from the type2 mailing list informed me that I would have to take the whole lock out to have a look at the cylinder, and since I was doing that, I should get the code off my door lock so I can have the ignition lock re-keyed to match them. That would rock….a single key for everything!
So now I’m off to try and get the ignition lock out and have it fixed up so we can get to camping!

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