Removing the ignition switch from a VW bus

Today I’ve been trying to tackle the removal of the ignition switch in Vandejo so that I can have a replacement key made for it. I lost all the keys a week or so ago. Bentley covers this in section 4.7 (page 23-24.)

Removing the lock housing from the dash was very straight forward. Four large screws hold it in place. The part I am having a problem with is where the Bentely manual calls for the removal of two screws that are within the shaft of the rear most screw holes of the four that held the lock housing in place. These two screws are what is keeping me from getting the ignition switch out so I can proceed with trying to get the code. Below is a shot of one of the screw holes where the smaller screw resides.
These screws are being a major pain to get out and I don’t want to break anything. Any feedback is appreciated. We want to go camping this weekend!!

***Update | Got the ignition switch removed***

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