So long, Eurovan GLS

It was a good run, I guess?  It seems like we only picked it up a few months ago.  Wait, we did only pick it up a few months ago.  Well, thats how it goes.  I think the turning point was when Vandejo broke down on our recent trip to the Great Sand Dunes National Park.  When we had the Dodge Durango, we would have just had our neighbor take it and pick up a trailer to come and get us.  Well the Eurovan can’t really tow much of anything.

On top of that, it was starting to act up a bit.  It was starting to hesitate when applying gas and in some cases you could floor it without it even moving.  With it rolling up on 100k miles and questioning what repairs may be coming and how expensive they would be, we traded it in.

What did we get?  A Chevy Suburban.  Give me just a second here to put my flame suit on before the hate mail comes :)  Really though, it seems to have been a pretty good move.  It can hold our family of 6 and then some.  It can tow when we need it to (thats nice with two vw buses in the garage.)  And with an engine that disables half the cylinders at cruising speed and can take take E85 gas, the mileage is nearly the same as the Eurovan was.  That, combined with the fact that dealers are taking a big hit on the trucks and suv’s, has made this a very smooth move on our end.

It was cool having the Eurovan, if nothing more than to experience the latest version of the VW tranporter, but reality strikes at times.

Even though we never considered you cool enough to be named, we’ll miss you Eurovan GLS!

One thought on “So long, Eurovan GLS

  1. Hi Troy!

    No need for the flame suite ! Ha ha. All the best to you guys…:)

    Glad u still have the vw buses!!!

    I have read so many blogs and websites about a person/couple having a vw, having some difficulties with them (a love/hate thing…it seams) and then …the family grows…..

    Moral of the story? …..

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