Vandejo gets her engine back

Spent a little more time today with Vandejo. She’s not running yet, but the engine is at least back in the engine bay now and off the ground. My atv jack is up at a friends place right now so I’ve been using a regular floor jack. Balancing the engine brought back ugly memories of when the Busters engine slipped off the jack and nearly severed by ring finger off. Ugh! But, all went well.
Everything was fairly easy to bolt up except the bolt that goes through the starter and through the upper passenger side hole in the case. I remember taking this one off when I initially dropped the engine after the fuel leak fiasco. One of the previous owners had used some all thread with a nut on either end. The nut on the starter side had to be ground down on one side because the shaft of the bolt sits flush with the starter. Normally, there is a d-bolt here. So on that first engine drop, I replaced it with an allen bolt that took a 16mm nut on the engine bay side. Well, going to tighten that one up, of course I could not remember the the allen wrench size that was needed. A little fussing and having my daughter hand me different size wrenches, determined that a 5/16 sae allen wrench did the trick. I didn’t have my metric wrenches with me.
With all the engine mounting bolts tightened up, I connected the fuel lines on either side, lowered the bus off the jack stands, and called it a day. Should have it running this week!

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