A trailer to help with space

So, with four kids, space is limited.  We had talked about getting a roof rack and putting a cargo box on top.  Then we thought more about the trailer.  With the cargo box on the roof, it would need to be emptied before we could raise the pop top.  But, we also wouldn’t have to worry about extra wheels, registration, and the general issues that go along with having a trailer.  With the trailer though, we could pop the top whenever.  We could also leave the trailer behind when running around the local area.  It would also be easier for everyone to access.

In the end, we decided on a trailer.  The cost of a receiver and trailer was going to be about half of what all the hardware for a roof rack would have cost us, and that’s including getting used stuff.  The receiver we are getting is made by Jamie Rivers and has great reviews from the community.  It’s model # LBR7379R.

We picked up a trailer a couple days ago that we think we’ll be happy with.  It is fully enclosed and weighs about 150lb’s empty.  I’m guessing it will weigh around 400lb’s fully loaded.


3 thoughts on “A trailer to help with space

  1. That trailer is a little cutie! Thanks for sharing the link with the list. I really like your site. I follow your logic in choosing to buy a trailer. I just dislike the impact on maneuverability.

  2. Maneuverability was on our list as well. Being so short, it will be pretty tough to back up any distance without it jack knifing to the side. Hopefully it’s size will help get around that, as we may be able to just unhook it and do what we need with it to get turned around etc.

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