Rescuing Colins VW bus

Just got back from picking up Colin’s bus from Castle Rock. It was being temporarily stored at a collision shop until something more permanent could be worked out. Something more long term, turned out to be our back yard. Bret and I headed down there around 11 and didn’t have too much trouble getting it up on the uhaul trailer.
I had seen pics of the damage previously, but those pics didn’t come close to what it looked like in person. I was very surprised he walked away from the accident.
We don’t know the exact plans yet at this point, but atleast the bus is somewhere that it can stay for awhile until things get figured out.

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5 thoughts on “Rescuing Colins VW bus

  1. Thanks you guys, I really appreciate your doing this. My next step is to procure hopefully that ’73 in Bellingham WA, then come up with a staging area to strip the carcass of the Road Warrior for the “new” bus, then with full Honors, dispose of the Road Warrior’s shell. I am surprised to find my stomach completely turned inside out again looking at these pictures.

  2. What a sad sight… Glad to hear that there was no (human) body harm done in the end, which might have been kind of lucky considering. Here’s hoping it works out with the new bus and all, can’t end this way!

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