The VW bus fuel saga continues

Those following know that I’ve been dealing with fuel issues for a little while now. Well, after digging in some more, I found the the vents from the top of the tanks were basically connected to each other, closing the loop for the fuel tank ventilation system. My quick fix for this was to put a T fitting in the line and run it to the tiny intake port the sits just in front of the fuel filter. Basically, the stock setup without the charcoal canister. Things were immediately better! Not a single report of gas fumes afterward. Thanks to Mr. Kolak’s response on a previous post.
I thought everything was going well, but today there was yet another fuel issue. I start the bus up to let it warm up and when I come out a few minutes later, I notice a heavy dose of fuel odor. I look under the bus but see no signs of fuel. Since I am in a pinch to go pick up my daughter a quarter mile away, I reluctantly make the run to pick her up and hurry home. After returning home, the same dose of fumes apply and there is a very slight puddle building up under the location of the fuel pump and fuel filter. Its slight enough that it looks more like an oil spot rather than a puddle. I’ll be taking a look at this tomorrow in depth to see what the issue is.

One thought on “The VW bus fuel saga continues

  1. This turned out to be a leak where the fuel line connects to the passenger side of the cold start valve. The fuel clamp was not as tight as it should have been and the fuel line slipped a bit.

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