VW bus trailer hitch

I mentioned a few weeks ago that we picked up a trailer to help solve our space problem when traveling in the bus. Well, none of our vehicles actually have a hitch, so I picked one up. Jamie Rivers has been making these hitches for a little while now and everyone who has one has been quite happy with it. No drilling is required, as it uses the same four holes in the chassis that the bumper brackets mount to. I believe the UPS box mentioned a weight that was just under 30 pounds, and I don’t doubt it a bit. My unprofessional opinion would be that this hitch could tow a lot more than any VW bus deserves to be hauling around. I’ll post some pics of the install later, but for now, here are some shots of the hitch itself.

2 thoughts on “VW bus trailer hitch

  1. We’ve not had a chance to install it yet, but are planning to at some point during the winter. I’m not sure how well the bus will pull it at the moment, since the engine is pretty tired. However, if I get the engine swapped into the camper from out transporter, I think it will do fine. The engine in the transporter is very young and running well. Stay tuned.

    Peace, Troy

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