Leaking VW bus automatic transmission

Finally snapped some pics of the automatic transmission that we took out of the 74 Westy. It’s leaking like crazy and I need to get it fixed so we can sell it. I’m open to any advice on what all I should do with this thing before it gets installed. More pics in the gallery. I also asked the experienced source that is, type2.com. You can see the email thread here.

***update 2011 Oct 30 ***

The engine and transmission are back in the Westy. It’s worth the $10 seal puller you can find at your local FLAPS. The old torque converter seal looked like it had a metal ring on in that was missing on the new seal. However, the metal does exist on the new one. You just can’t see it because it’s covered by the orange rubber. When putting the new seal in, make sure you don’t push it too far in. It should end up flush with the housing. More pics uploaded to the gallery as well.

Old seal vs new seal


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