The Vanagon sports a proper exhaust

“Meh, this will only take a couple hours. I’ll bust it out Saturday morning.”

I should know better by now. My wife does :-D In any case, a recent post exposed our dilemma, where the Vanagon’s exhaust wasn’t exactly, well…. exhausting. The original thought was to get something welded up that would fit the extractor pipes. After calling a few shops, it seemed I was going to have to drop a minimum of $300 bucks for a muffler, and to get it welded in. Not quite was I was wanting to do. (more…)

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simple, custom exhaust for Buster

I’ve had quite a few people ask me what my exhaust setup is on Buster since I’ve ditched the stock system. A week or so ago I had slightly more restrictive mufflers put on and I managed to grab a picture. The oil on the passenger side muffler was from a valve cover leak I had. The tin that sits around the push rod tubes etc are still in place and oil temps have not been a problem. The BN4 under the rear bench supplies heat.

There are obvious draw backs and advantages to this system. On the plus side, the design is extremely simple. Any future exhaust work should be trivial if its after the headers. On the flip side though, this is obviously not a stock replacement system. If you reside in an area that is more stringent with emissions and registrations, there is a good chance they’ll chuckle when they look under the engine…..if they know what they are looking for.

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