VW bus trailer hitch

I mentioned a few weeks ago that we picked up a trailer to help solve our space problem when traveling in the bus. Well, none of our vehicles actually have a hitch, so I picked one up. Jamie Rivers has been making these hitches for a little while now and everyone who has one has been quite happy with it. No drilling is required, as it uses the same four holes in the chassis that the bumper brackets mount to. I believe the UPS box mentioned a weight that was just under 30 pounds, and I don’t doubt it a bit. My unprofessional opinion would be that this hitch could tow a lot more than any VW bus deserves to be hauling around. I’ll post some pics of the install later, but for now, here are some shots of the hitch itself.

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Charlie Fords search for the beginning of the wind

Stumbling through the internet can reward you with descent reading, sometimes. Case in point, while beating my head against Google’s search engine to try and dig up history on some of the older vw bus content, I ran across the writing of Charlie Ford.

I’ve heard the name many times over the years, but never read much of his writings. Now that I have read some of them, I suggest you do to. The link below is an old page consisting of posts written by Charlie has he traveled North America in a vw bus. This wasn’t some two week trip around the mid-west. No, it was a year long journey in the making, that took him over 20k miles of road.

I don’t know what he’s doing these days, but his writings were a great enjoyment to me. They’ve helped me to remember what important to me. Hopefully it will do the same for you.


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Took Buster for a spin

No doubt, he’s been sitting a little more often now that we’ve started camping in Vandejo and picked up the Eurovan for our daily driver. He’s still running strong though. I took the jump seat out yesterday to make room for about 90 12″ pavers that I needed as a foundation for our shed in the back yard. A pretty heavy load. It was good to get him out of the garage for a quick spin.

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