For Sale

Various VW vehicles and parts we have available. Mostly bus items. We’re willing to ship reasonably sized items. For larger stuff, we’ll have to figure something out. We are in the Phoenix, AZ area. You can reach us through email for items your interested in.


Front Seats

Sold as a pair only. Parted from a 1973 transporter.

Rear Bench

This is the bench portion only. The backrest is not available. Material matches the front seats listed above. Parted from a 1973 transporter.

Air Conditioner

Overhead air conditioning unit. Not sure what year bus this came out of. There is no compressor in this package. There is a black ducting piece that goes from the front portion of the unit, the rear. It’s not in the pictures, but I do have it. I have not hooked any of it up or tested it in any way.

Sliding Door

Some rust in the window frame. Parted from a 1973 transporter.

Rear Hatch

Parted from a 1973 transporter.

Passenger Door

Parted from a 1973 transporter.

Floor Mat

For bay window rear cargo area.