Selling the ’63 VW Double Cab Pickup


Recently, we posted that we were thinking about selling the vw double cab pickup. It’s official at this point and we would like to see $6,000.00 for it. Reasonable offers will be considered as well. This truck is no trailer queen, and it would take a bit of cash to make it one. The previous owners have made sure that it got its fair share of bondo. The paint is not that good and the floor pan will need some work. There is a hole about the size of a fist on both the passenger and driver side foot wells. There is quite a bit of body work that would need to be done if you wanted to restore this. If this is for a restoration project, there are better bodies out there that you should look at first. The engine runs strong but the brakes need adjusting and the steering is loose. It needs a wiper motor but I have wiper arms and blades. I have no records, but to the best of my knowledge there is probably about 15k to 20k miles on the engine. It’s drivable as is. Oh yea, and the speedo recently stopped working :) Below is a little more info. I’ll have more pictures posted in the next day or so. Feel free to leave a comment with your questions. Or you can send me a message.

–1600 DP Type1 / Single PICT 32 carb
–12 volt electrical
–Second set of side gates that are straight and restorable
–Front floor pan section from Kelly (Metal Wizards) thats ready to be welded in
–Gene Berg shifter (This is my most favorite part on this truck. It shifts like a dream.)
–25 Gallon marine gas tank. (The fill up hole for this was placed in the bed of the truck. Should probably be moved at some point and installed a little cleaner. It works for now though and there are no leaks.)
–Set of Vredestein Comtrac tires that are practically new. They have maybe 5k miles on them at the most.
–EMPI sway bar (Needs to be installed)
–Recently replaced all the felt window seals for the driver and front passenger

Again, it is usable as is, but the following could use work:

–Steering is pretty loose (What a shock!)
–Speedo recently stopped working
–Horn needs to be replaced
–Wiper motor needed
–Plenty of body work that could be done if desired. There is bondo in the rear corners where there is some body damage. Nose is not too bad but it has some bondo on it as well. No evidence of a wreck or anything of that nature.
–Alot of the interior panels are gone. Better said, there are only thin wood panels on the driver and front passenger door.
–The rear passenger door window is missing it’s latch, so its duct taped shut at the moment
–Small body damage in various places. This includes the bottom rear corners, the nose, the rust on the floor pan, the cracked passenger mirror, the slight dent in the roof, the nicks and scratches in the bed, etc.

***A few notes***
++Vehicle is in Denver, CO area
++I’m sure there are some items I am forgetting. I’ll add them here as my memory serves me.
++My life does not depend on me selling this truck, so don’t message me asking if I’ll take $500 for it.
++Think my asking price is outrageous? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know. I got a wide range of prices when asking others and searching the web, so this is what I have come to settle on.
++Leave a comment on this page with your questions. That way others can see it and not have to ask it again. Personal messages are fine if you want to talk money.

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For Sale: 1963 VW Double Cab Pickup

After giving it some thought, we’ve decided that it’s time to part with the double cab. We never did get around to giving it a name, and we never were able to put a whole lot of work into fixing it up. On that note, we’d like to see it go to someone who has a little more time for it. It’s a driver, and a work horse. It’s helped haul more than its share when it came to garbage, landscaping, etc. Take a look at some of the pictures. If you know someone that may be interested, send them this link. We are still working on an asking price, but look for a more formal post on the truck here in the near future. I can be contacted via the contact page.

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