the ultimate trash bin

We are finishing up projects around the house in order to get it ready to put up for sale, and that means…..trash! Over the past few months we’ve done everything from install new counter tops, tile flooring, and sheetrock, to new roofing, furnace, and central air. Over the course of all this, there has been a bit of trash piling up in the back yard that Waste Management does not appear to want to take care of. I have come to this conclusion based on the materials left by the trash can after they have done their trash run :)

So with new doors, vanity’s, sinks, and other items being installed, replaced, or repaired, it was time to get ready for a trash run. You know, the dump. With Buster not having any of the rear seats installed, it was apparent that he was going to get the short end of the stick. That, and Vandejo is just too pretty.

That said, there is quite a bit of rubble in the back, and more will be coming. Hopefully it doesn’t start to stink too much. I have to drive him to work for the next few days.

Has it really been October since I posted last? ugh

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No love for the vw buses

It’s been probably 3 or 4 weeks now since I’ve paid any attention to Buster or Vandejo.  Guess that’s what happens when you have four kids :)  I have been driving Buster recently though.  With the kids going back to school, the wife needed the daily driver for dropping the kids off and since I get home after she takes them to school in the morning, I needed to find some other way to get to work.   Buster was the only option since Vandejo’s engine is still on the ground due to repairs that are in progress.  This was brought on after our trip to Great Sand Dunes National Park ended on a sour note.

Buster started right up after sitting for awhile, but still showed signs of what I think is a failed cold start valve.  He runs well for the first 10 seconds and then needs a little help for the next minute or so.  He got me to work for the next couple days though.  There is also a battery charge issue that I need to deal with.  I originally thought that the battery was draining down due to some auxilary power supplies I had feeding directly from the battery, but those have been removed, and it’s still draining quickly.  I need to pull it out and check the water levels etc.

As for Vandejo, I hope to have her running this next weekend.  I have the replacement flex plate (aka drive plate) in hand and with alot of the house work out of the way, I should be able to make some progress.

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