How-To: Upgrade your VW bus with H4 headlights

This is on Richard Atwell’s “Essential Upgrades” list for a reason.  The following is the process I went through to install the Bosch headlights that I bought from You can also correlate this with the Bentley manual (Section 4, Pg. 26, Part 8.1)

Time: 20 minutes
Tools: Phillips screwdriver (Size P1 and P2)
2 each – Bosch H4 Headlight – Part# 0301600118
2 each – H4 halogen bulb 55/60 watt – Part# 78155

Step 1:
Remove the phillips screw from the inner portion of the headlight trim ring with a size P2 screwdriver. This is the only screw holding the trim in place. The Bentley manual states that the screws are a permanent fixture of the headlight trim and can be used as a handle to pull the trim gently away from the body. My screws came straight out of the trim.


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