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Current Thoughts

Portable toiletHaving a portable toilet with us in our VW bus while camping is just something we have become used to. With Vandejo, we are contemplating installing something a little more permanent when we install the jump seat behind the driver.
***Thetford Porta Potti 465 — The size of this toilet is ideal. I wonder if I could install a pipe on the bottom that would allow me to drain the unit at an rv dump station without removing the unit from the bus.

12v/110 Fridge—The fridge that came with our camper is pretty worn out. Even if brought back to life, it most likely would not be as efficient as some of the newer units. We are thinking of building a custom cabinet to go behind the passenger seat that would house some drawers for storage of our basic items.
***Engel seems to have a solid reputation. sells their items currently and I think one of the upright models could make for a good base to the cabinet going behind the passenger seat. Another nice feature to their units is that they do not have to be perfectly level to operate, like the original units that came in the Westy models.

Dismissed Thoughts

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