Gallery uploads | VW Defrost knob and Vredestein Comtrac tires

Original VW defrost knob | Part# 211959621A. Right now, since my rear defrost isn’t funtioning, I am using this to control our Eberspacher BN4 heater. With my lack of electrical knowledge, I had a bit of trouble getting the wires connected right on the knob. Let me lay it out here. If you look at this picture, you’ll see three terminals. The one by it’s lonesome is marked ‘K.’ This should go to the device your trying to control. The other two terminals are marked 31 adn 15 (hard to tell in the pic.) Terminal 31 should go to a ground of some sort. Easy one to route to is at the passenger headlight. Terminal 15 should be your + hookup. Right now mine is coming straight from the battery with a 3amp fuse inline, but there are other options that can be used on your fuse panel that would be easier.

The other pics are of the Vredestein Comtrac tires that I have on our ’63 Double Cab. Want tires with the correct load rating (unlike many?) These are one of your options. Highly recommended.

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