yup, winter is here

The ride to work was definitely a chilly one. About half way to work, the bn4 started to push out air that wasn’t exactly up to par. I pulled over into a parking lot and got out the fish tape and hammer (tools to help clear the exhaust pipe for the heater,) and went to work on the exhaust pipe for it. This usually involves sticking the fish tape into the exhaust and twisting it to help break up any of the soot that is clogging the pipe. Then I take the hammer afterwards and tap along the outside to help as well. I do this while the heater is running and chunks of black soot etc end up getting spit out every time. Hopped back in the bus and the heater was back to normal. I really need to fix this. With the humidity so high tonight, the cold just goes straight through to the skin. Brrrr! Lows will be in the single digits for the next few nights and more snow tomorrow. It was a white Christmas here though, which was nice. Got about 6 inches Christmas day. Hope everyone had a happy holiday.

From weather.gov:

Buckley AFB/Aurora
Lat: 39.73 Lon: -104.75 Elev: 5571
Last Update on Dec 26, 10:55 pm MST

Mostly Cloudy
Temperature: 10°F
Humidity: 85 %
Wind Speed: SW 3 MPH
Barometer: 29.74" (1012.5 mb)
Dewpoint: 7°F (-14°C)
Visibility: 7.00 mi

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A leak haunt’s Buster

It rained today while I was sleeping. No big deal. But, as I headed out the driveway, I heard this sloshing sound. I swear it sounded like someone was shaking a 5 gallon bucket of water while sitting in the passenger seat! Looking around, I realized it was coming from the floor, just in front of my feet. There is a cavity up there that runs the full width of bay window vw buses, and mine was sporting about 5 inches of water in it.
What the heck!? That’s a bit of water, so I need to figure out where it came from. I am suspecting the windshield seal since it’s pretty crusty. We’ll see what happens.

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Buster’s engine isn’t happy.

This started happening about 3 weeks ago. Right now, I am not able to come up with any type of pattern except that it is more pronounced when I try and go full throttle. I’ll be driving along and then out of no where the engine will start to run a bit rougher…like sputtering or a type of hesitation. If I try and go full throttle at this point, it will become much worse. Acceleration will not occur at all. But if I back off and merely apply enough gas to maintain my current speed on flat land, it’s a bit smoother. This will happen anywhere from 15 seconds up to a minute in length. After that, all is well. I can go full throttle etc and there are no issues.
I had just enough time to check my dwell and timing before I went to work tonight. Dwell was at 62, which isn’t going to help any. For a brief moment I thought about tossing in the CompuFire electronic ignition that I had sitting on the shelf new. I passed on that since I need the bus for another few days to get to work and didn’t want to introduce another item to the scenario. Got the dwell back down to about 48 and reset the timing. Engine ran much better on the way to work, but the random hesitation still persists.
Because it is so random, part of me suspects fuel delivery issues. As in, the fuel filter being clogged. Although the engine is only a year old and this point with merely a few thousand miles on it, it sat for about 4 years with old gas etc in it. I wonder if there isn’t some gunk somewhere in the path. I am going to pick up a fuel filter this week and replace it. Then cut open the old one to have a look.

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